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Five Ways to Save Money in Orange County, California

As you're dishing out cash for that cross-country road trip, remember that the West Coast, and especially Orange County, can be an expensive place to vacation. With a little insight, anyone can afford a trip to the OC. Hit the road with the stereo bumping, because these money-saving tips will have you singing! 1. Orange County Art Walks Art walks are always a welcome destination for anyone traveling on a budget. The mixture of food, music, and art proves a winner no matter where the art walk

Discovering Taormina’s hidden treasures

Taormina is a gorgeous, romantic, enchanting town on the east coast of Sicily. It is about halfway between Catania and Messina, nestled on a hill about 250 meters above the Ionian Sea. The scenic views are quite incredible, giving you a view of mountains, beaches, sea and the ancient town itself. Because of its sheer beauty, it gets quite busy (especially during the peak tourist summer months). That said, I recommend checking out the apartments you can rent around Taormina, as this will give you

Enjoying The Many Top Tourist Attractions In Quepos

Being a settlement distinguished for its top-notch fishing activity in Costa Rica, the top tourist attractions in Quepos start to gain popularity not just as a fishing hub but also as a travel destination among many tourists. Quepos is now renowned as an entrance to several unspoilt beaches and exciting outdoor excursions not to mention the convenient access to numerous bars, restaurants and dynamic open air markets. Consider Isla Damas as your first stop in one of the top tourist attractions

Top Destinations In Cayman Islands

The top destinations in Cayman Islands are some of the best places one can visit in the Caribbean Sea. The common description made by the experienced travelers about this archipelago is that it has clear blue waters and magnificent coral reefs. From the looks of the panoramic photos being taken and posted on the internet, their environment is definitely something one would use as their screensaver. Cayman Islands are not only a haven for scuba divers and beach vacationers. They are also home

Things To Do In Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

Being the capital city of Honduras, there are supposed to be plenty of top things to do in Tegucigalpa. What the tourist authorities would recommend is to visit many of the premier city’s wonderful tourist attractions. But if there is something more important to take into account when having a vacation in Tegucigalpa, it is the fact that this city is actually never safe for tourists. One must always remember that petty crimes targeting tourists are common in this part of Honduras and much worse,