Upcoming events in Carrousel du Louvre

Carrousel du Louvre is one of the largest shopping centers in the United State of America. It features fashion, home design, gifts, jewellery, gifts, home decoration specialist boutiques and books. There are various shopping complex, food court, grocery stores, high-end stores, cosmetic stores, cinemas and restaurants.

Make Up in Paris

09-10 June 2016


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This is a two day even that will take place in Paris in France. The event will bring together experts and professionals in the sector that will facilitate the development of the industry. The exhibition will show all the latest products and services. It helps exhibitors to grow and develop the opportunities in their business development.  The event is a platform that focuses on the exchange of ideas and other developments. Make Up in Paris offers a warm and friendly atmosphere to professionals and attendees so that they can experience the new products and services in the sector. As many as 2100 visitors will attend the show.

3d Printing Show Paris

13-14 Oct 2016

This will take place in Paris for two days. The expo helps technologists, decision makers, potential customers, 3D printing industry professionals and consultants by offering them a chance to communicate with one another. The communication between the leaders, experts and consultants will give you new ideas. The show helps the attendees to come together and gather useful information. It offers a chance to exhibit 3D printing technology related to sectors such as navigation, architecture, education and fashion, technology, 3D printing technology, printer and software.


13-14 Oct 2016

A 2 day event, Cosmetic360 takers place at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France. The event exhibits everything related to raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing, finished products, marketing, distribution etc. in the Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry.

Art Shopping

22-23 Oct 2016

Art Shopping is a famous and leading trade show for showcasing Antique Jewelry, Antique Furniture, Antique Clocks, Antiquities, Art Works, Art Glass, Decorative Art, Hand woven Carpets and Glass Ware. Art Shopping will provide huge chances to exhibit an extensive range of Gems & Jewellery in France. Exhibitors from all parts of the world will become a part of this show which will be hosted at Carrousel du Louvre. It will be organized by GEM Art.

Parks and Gardens to Visit in Paris

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