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KLM Produces Cool Unboxing Video for New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

One of the world's most popular airlines, KLM, has just "unboxed" its very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the world to see how truly awe-inspiring this aircraft really is. “Unboxing” videos are very popular these days, especially on Youtube. They are produced by people or companies to showcase new tech gadgets, so why not unveil the coolest tech gadget ever in the exact same way? The 787’s real-life crew are the ones unpacking the plane. The pilots are seen entering the futuristic new

Save big on your next trip, don’t miss Groupon Coupons!

So we have an awesome travel tip to share with all of you checking out Unexplored today! Whether if you’re looking to save some dinero on your next holiday or  on some travel-related expenses,  Groupon Coupons is a fantastic way to do it. They have an impressive 70,000 coupons from 9,000 sores and brands that you know. Guess What? You won’t even have to sign up for any annoying lists to take advantage of all of the awesome benefits. Just head on over to the coupons

Five Ways to Save Money in Orange County, California

As you're dishing out cash for that cross-country road trip, remember that the West Coast, and especially Orange County, can be an expensive place to vacation. With a little insight, anyone can afford a trip to the OC. Hit the road with the stereo bumping, because these money-saving tips will have you singing! 1. Orange County Art Walks Art walks are always a welcome destination for anyone traveling on a budget. The mixture of food, music, and art proves a winner no matter where the art walk

Discovering Taormina’s hidden treasures

Taormina is a gorgeous, romantic, enchanting town on the east coast of Sicily. It is about halfway between Catania and Messina, nestled on a hill about 250 meters above the Ionian Sea. The scenic views are quite incredible, giving you a view of mountains, beaches, sea and the ancient town itself. Because of its sheer beauty, it gets quite busy (especially during the peak tourist summer months). That said, I recommend checking out the apartments you can rent around Taormina, as this will give you

How to get the best travel deals

While we all love to travel, whether it is to a dreamy tropical beach with blinding white sand, or to a historical European capital with an embarrassment of cultural wealth, paying for this jaunts is another matter altogether. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid paying full price when gallivanting across the globe, and it involves being flexible and using the wonders of this amazing resource that we call the internet. Want to learn some killer that will teach you how to get the best

Mix it up a little: try a new holiday this year

The world is huge, and whilst you might not fancy visiting certain places the globe has to offer, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the places that do intrigue your travel mind. Too many of us return to the same place time and time again, basically because it offers us familiarity, we know we can kick back and relax, and basically we know exactly what we’re getting for our hard-earned cash. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing if you’re just looking for a cheeky week away somewhere to

Top Reasons To Visit Carnival in Brazil

  You can never fully say that you have truly enjoyed and experienced Brazil if you have not delved into the top reasons to visit Carnival. Among the many places in Brazil, the most majestic carnival can be found in Rio de Janiero. Primarily, a carnival is celebrated annually from Friday to Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday commencing the start of Lent. Carnivals are naturally crowd-pleasers owing to its dynamic merry-makings, vibrant and unique costumes plus an astonishing showcase of various Samba

Visiting The heart Of The Caucasus: The Best Time To Visit Azerbaijan

When visiting this country, it’s a great thing if the weather is on your side, so it’s recommended that you know the best time to visit Azerbaijan. This former Soviet Republic is known for its historical landmarks. But extreme heat and sometimes rain can ruin your experience in Azerbaijan, so it’s best to check first the climate of your destination before traveling to it. Here’s a quick guide to the country’s climate as well as the best time to visit Azerbaijan: Climate. All year