Top Reasons To Visit Carnival in Brazil

 Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

You can never fully say that you have truly enjoyed and experienced Brazil if you have not delved into the top reasons to visit Carnival. Among the many places in Brazil, the most majestic carnival can be found in Rio de Janiero. Primarily, a carnival is celebrated annually from Friday to Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday commencing the start of Lent. Carnivals are naturally crowd-pleasers owing to its dynamic merry-makings, vibrant and unique costumes plus an astonishing showcase of various Samba performances at the Sambodromo. Among all the activities within the week-long festivities, the contests held amongst samba schools are the ultimate attention-grabber for locals and tourists alike and are something that need to be experienced in one’s lifetime at least once. A Rio tour guide is a good idea if you want to experience the most Carnival has to offer.

Fundamentally, the unique variety of Brazil’s carnivals has added more charm to the top reasons to visit Carnival. Presently, Brazilian carnivals already outgrew the usual celebration which solely involves partying and paved the rise for extraordinary and distinct fashions for each carnival. For instance, around the 1900s in Rio de Janeiro, extravagant samba parades were exhibited which take place in Sambadrome. In the Bahia style on the other hand, the African way of dancing and Reggae genre of music is the highlight of their festivities. It is worth traveling to the north to cities like Recife and Salvador to see this style of Carnival as well.

The carnivals are definitely deemed to be incomplete if costumes are not worn by all its participants. It has already been a tradition to wear fancy costumes following a certain kind of theme each year to add more spice to the dynamic event. The themes are carefully chosen by the members of the carnival’s organization to ensure that it’s fresh and there is always something to look forward to watch every year. Customarily, costumes are designed with feathers, spangles, beads and many more which take so much time to be created.

Samba performances among schools in Brazil are indeed among the top reasons to visit carnival holding the limelight of the event. Samba is a distinct dance popularized worldwide which originated in Brazil. Aside from its Latin roots, the renowned dance also has the influence of African dances. Recently there are four styles of Samba dances including Samba Axe, Samba Reggae, Samba Rock and Samba de Roda. Samba schools, especially in Rio de Janeiro, play a major role in the carnival. Every year, each of the schools creates a float for the parade where they actually feature an outstanding dance routine which consists of a huge number of members. Every school sees to it that they give a remarkable and competitive performance that’s worthy to watch. At the end of the carnival’s celebration, the winner of the best school performance is proclaimed.

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