Top Destinations In Cayman Islands

There are many top destinations in the Cayman Islands, but sometimes a beach, hammock and a sick sunset are all you need!

The top destinations in Cayman Islands are some of the best places one can visit in the Caribbean Sea. The common description made by the experienced travelers about this archipelago is that it has clear blue waters and magnificent coral reefs. From the looks of the panoramic photos being taken and posted on the internet, their environment is definitely something one would use as their screensaver.

Cayman Islands are not only a haven for scuba divers and beach vacationers. They are also home to many of the Caribbean region’s finest restaurants and resorts. For this reason, it is easy to imagine how the Cayman Islands become a very popular travel destination.

It is interesting to take note that, apart from banking industry, tourism comprised the major economy of the archipelago. In 2006 alone, recorded total arrival of tourists exceeded over 2.19 million people. The Grand Cayman alone comprised of the major tourist spots in the archipelago.

1. George Town

One of the top destinations in Cayman Islands is the capital city of George Town. It is in this city where notable establishments are concentrated. This is the best place to be looking for the finest restaurants and beach resorts that the Caribbean region can offer.

Nightlife in George Town is, as the British would describe it, “smashing”. Even from the aerial view one can see this part of the island seemingly apart from the rest due to its towering white buildings. It would be nice to begin one’s itinerary here for those who came from big cities in order to acclimatize to the new environment (in terms of the comforts that cities provide).

2. Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach is one of the top destinations in Cayman Islands for avid beach goers who are used to the natural tropical environment. It is here where most of the archipelago’s snorkeling and diving activities are concentrated.

This elongated stretch of coral sand beach is not as accurate as its namesake measurement. Despite its name, the beach is actually just 5.5 miles long. According to the Caribbean Life and Travel Magazine, the Seven Mile Beach is worthy of receiving the title “The Caribbean’s Best Beach”.

3. Boatswain Beach

The Boatswain Beach is famous for one particular attraction – the Cayman Turtle Farm. This ecological preservation generally appeals to nature lovers, and among its genre, the marine wildlife lovers.

Its transformation into a marine park is geared towards promoting an educational form of tourism where people, especially the children, are informed of the basic wonders of the turtle kind.

4. Stingray City

Judging from the name alone, Stingray City exists because of the kind of sea creatures that thrive in it. This series of shoals are located around the northwest corner of the Grand Caymans, also known as The North Sound.

Stingrays have attracted a huge fan base of underwater divers for many years. Theories suggest that the presence of stingrays is due to the littering of fish offal thrown overboard from trawlers.

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