Things To Do In Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

countryside in Honduras

Being the capital city of Honduras, there are supposed to be plenty of top things to do in Tegucigalpa. What the tourist authorities would recommend is to visit many of the premier city’s wonderful tourist attractions. But if there is something more important to take into account when having a vacation in Tegucigalpa, it is the fact that this city is actually never safe for tourists. One must always remember that petty crimes targeting tourists are common in this part of Honduras and much worse, the locals do not want to be involved by offering any assistance. One of the first important steps into ensuring one’s safety is to avoid carrying large sums of money in one wallet. It is advisable to carry two wallets, with one being a ruse. Also, the best way to enjoy one’s vacation is to avoid walking around the city center at night. As far as this option is concerned, there are a few attractions that are located quite far from the crime life radar.

countryside in Honduras

1. Visiting Parque La Leona

One of the top things to do in Tegucigalpa that is quite safe from harm is visiting the Parque La Leona. Technically, it is more of an old neighborhood located right at the top of the city. One may liken it to the high-altitude slums or Rio de Janeiro Brazil except that this part of Tegucigalpa is not a hotbed of criminal activities targeting tourists. Apart from the breathtaking vista of this venue, an interesting feature of this public place includes a fine restaurant that sells local Honduran food. It is located close to a wide extension grounds where most of the panoramic sightseeing occurs. The way up to this park is very steep and quite sketchy.

2. Visiting Parque El Picacho

This park has one very popular landmark – a gigantic statue of Jesus Christ which the locals call “Cristo el Picacho”. There is a nominal fee when entering this park, although it has a free parking space. One of the greatest advantages in choosing this relatively safe public square is that the statue of Jesus Christ can always be visible everywhere you are within the city. However, getting there is another story since it has a much sketchier path from the city center. One would need to ask for directions from locals. Most importantly, this venue is well guarded while it is open, so it is relatively safer than anywhere in the city center.

3. Visiting the Mall-Multiplaza

The top things to do in Tegucigalpa that surely keeps one in a safe crime free zone is visiting the most popular shopping center in the metropolis. The Mall-Multiplaza is a very famous shopping center for foreign visitors because of a huge number of familiar American brands, especially those found in the big cities of United States of America. On a downside, a lot of the retail products sold could be quite overpriced but this place is still worth visiting due to its relative interior beauty.

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