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VR: the next online gambling platform

Photo by CC user lauri_vain on Flickr Virtual Reality or VR used to be a concept of awe mostly encountered in Hollywood movies in the past. In last few years VR has broken grounds and established itself in gaming, mobile applications and computing. The trend has also affected the online gambling experience in an exciting way. VR in Online Gambling VR is used to make any game or application immersive. The users are transformed inside the game which makes it more engaging. Generally people do

KLM Produces Cool Unboxing Video for New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

One of the world's most popular airlines, KLM, has just "unboxed" its very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the world to see how truly awe-inspiring this aircraft really is. “Unboxing” videos are very popular these days, especially on Youtube. They are produced by people or companies to showcase new tech gadgets, so why not unveil the coolest tech gadget ever in the exact same way? The 787’s real-life crew are the ones unpacking the plane. The pilots are seen entering the futuristic new