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How to stay fit in your golden years

If you want to live a long and plentiful life, you'll need to stay healthy well into your golden years. And the key to doing so is to avoid being overweight, not over-eating, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. You can look at the Age UK Mobility site for more ideas on how to stay healthy, but there's no substitute for regular exercise and a good diet! Most experts agree that the kind of lifestyle you lead is critical to maintaining your physical, cognitive and psychological

Do you burn more calories while running rather than walking?

  Believe it or not, in a perfect system with no outside factors like friction or wind resistance, you would burn the same amount of calories if you ran or walked a mile. Think back to your good ole’ high school physics days when you learned the simple equations that supposedly govern our universe: Work = Force x Distance. The number of calories burned depends primarily on you weight and the distance traveled. In other words, work is the total energy required to move a particular