Permanent Eyelash Extensions Vs Fake Lash Extensions


Choosing between permanent or false lash extensions could be confusing at times. In fact, the perfect solution for you would depend on the condition of your lashes. It is true that lashes make your eyes look full of expression. They not only give you a great look but also protect the eyes. Eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. So, to take good care of your eyes, it is important to be conscious about your eyelashes. If you have some queries regarding permanent eyelash extensions Vs fake lash extensions, one good idea would be source detailed information from sites like

How Do We Lose Eyelashes?

There is a natural eyelash fall cycle that happens over a few months and that can be dealt with. However, mass fall of hair from the eyelids can make the appearance quite abnormal. Here are the reasons why we might keep losing them:

  • Inflammation, wound or irritation in the eye lead by trauma, bacterial infection or skin diseases
  • Parallel medical treatment which are at times indispensable such as the chemotherapy often required by cancer stricken patients.
  • Toxins in the body and endocrine
  • Psychological disorder that causes patients to obsessively pull out the eye lashes or tweezes them off.
  • Blepharitis is a condition which is the inflammation of the eyelids

Permanent Eyelash Extensions Vs Fake Lash Extensions: How they work

When we get into permanent eyelash extensions vs fake lash extensions, it is important to understand the basic way these enhancers work. Fake eyelashes have been a craze considering that they have been used for a very long time by actresses and celebrities in the past. So much so that there are fake eyelashes with designs on them carried quite animatedly by singers such as Katy Perry. But those eyelashes are a strip and are actually glued on the tip of eyelids. The strips do not allow the scalp of the eyelashes to breathe leaving the chance of better and naturally grown eyelashes as impossibility. On the other hand, permanent eyelash extensions are a hassle-free solution. Once you get the surgery done, you are free to go without mascaras and too much eye-makeup. The surgical process is quite intricate and should be performed only by certified, accredited surgeons. The surgery is done through local anesthesia.  The surgery mainly requires the hairs from the nape of your neck. The hairs are surgically implanted to the eyelid and form permanent lash extensions. It may need trimming once in a while. Remember that the neck hairs generally do not shed, so you will face no trouble with them. However, if you are looking for naturally long lashes, lash enhancing serums and supplements might be worth the try.  They are made with ingredients and have convenient applicators that need application every day. Also, taking Vitamin B complex rich foods and cleaning the make-up every night would help to ensure that they stay dense and furry.





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