How to get the best travel deals

When you know how to get the best travel deals, you get to see sights like this for less ... photo by CC user lincolnian on Flickr

While we all love to travel, whether it is to a dreamy tropical beach with blinding white sand, or to a historical European capital with an embarrassment of cultural wealth, paying for this jaunts is another matter altogether.

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid paying full price when gallivanting across the globe, and it involves being flexible and using the wonders of this amazing resource that we call the internet. Want to learn some killer that will teach you how to get the best travel deals? Read on below and take good notes, because we’ve got some amazing resources to share with you…!

1) Seek out coupon codes online – or coupon books on the ground

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the meh deals you see on hotel booking sites is all there is when it comes saving money on rooms. There are hotel coupon sites that will give you a code to save significant sums of money on your room at checkout, so go ahead and search for some of the hotels that you are considering – you may be pleasantly surprised.

If your travels have you doing a road trip across America, be on the lookout for coupon booklets filled with room deals. Many of these offers are made by local hotel/motel franchisees, are not advertised on the net, and often surpass what is available there. These can often be found in interstate rest stops, so keep your eyes peeled for these publications.

2) Travel in the off season

Don’t let preconceived notions dissuade you from traveling during low season. While the weather may not be as ideal, it’s also much better than that you would expect. Rainy season in the tropics often only means an hour or so of precipitation per day – the sun ends up shining the remainder of the time. Winter in Europe may mean you’ll have to bundle up, but all the museums and art galleries are all still open, with none of the crowds of the summer season. In both cases, flights and hotels cost much less, often in the vicinity of 30 to 50% lower compared with peak season rates.

3) Use a travel agent

The travel industry has many killers deals that just waiting to be uncovered, but they are often hard to find. What’s more, providers will make you feel like you are getting a great deal when the savings are actually minimal at best. A professional travel agent (like eShores – knows all the tricks to save significant amounts of money when booking flights and hotels, all while saving you valuable time in the process.

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