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How to Get Pets Ready for Baby

If you are like most newlyweds, you probably will have a pet before you have an actual baby. From dogs to cats and everything in between people of all ages love their pets. But what happens when your new bundle of joy arrives? According to an article on WebMD, pets are adults ‘first baby’ and will usually be a little concern about how their furry baby will get alone with their human baby. Another thing to consider is the fact that pet parents who become parents of a human child will spend

How to style your beachside home

If you are lucky enough to own a beachside home, you're already halfway to paradise. Doing up a beach house can be a fun exercise, with so many exciting ways to liven up the home From shuttered windows, to reflected seahorse shower curtains and coastal wall trends, there are many ways to freshen up your beachside home. Here are some ideas that you can use to get you started: Shuttered windows Shuttering in your beachside home will evoke the spirit of the sea like little else. A home with

Brands Taking Advertising to New Heights – BoConcept’s New Video

Mads Mikkelssen is the man. If you don't already know who he is, he played the dapper/creepy villain in James Bond Casino Royale. Just to show his range, he heeded the call when chic furniture designer, BoConcept reached out to have him star in their new 5 minute short, "The Guest". There have been a few brands making similar shorts recently, as well as using big name actors in them. Instead of just traditional advertising mediums like print or TV commercials that you would normally expect