Best Beach Destinations to Dance the Night Away 

Going on a beach holiday is always a good idea if you are looking for some sun, sea, and sand. A tropical getaway is the perfect way to have respite from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. If you are looking for a beach where you can relax during the day and party all night, below are some of the destinations you should check out.

Bali, Indonesia 

Attracting surfers and beach-lovers from all around the world, Bali is a party destination that you have to experience. It has a wide selection of beach clubs that can offer spectacular views and good music. Some of the best to check out include Potato Head, Finns Beach Club, Kudeta, and Cocoon Beach Club, among others. If you want to be at the center of the party, head over to Kuta Beach and you will not run out of choices.

Crete, Greece 

The vibrant nightlife scene in Crete is one thing that you need to experience. While visiting Greece’s largest island is ideal for those who are looking for a tranquil getaway (and is full of amazing villas), this is also perfect for those who love to party. The beachfront strip of Malia is one of the go-to destinations. Be ready to dance non-stop in its wide selection of clubs. The area has high police visibility, so watch out for your behavior to avoid getting in trouble.

Ibiza, Spain 

When talking about beach parties, there is perhaps no other destination that is as popular as Ibiza. Through the years, it has hosted some of the most popular DJs from all over the world. Year after year, clubs are opening and others are renovating to keep up with the demands of discerning party-lovers. You can choose from the massive superclubs or the trendy beach bar clubs. Whether it is day or night, there are many places where you can grab a drink and have a dance. Ibiza has plenty of bars with pools, so you can relax on luxurious sun loungers as waiters bring you cocktails, then you can cool down by taking a dip.

Boracay, Philippines 

Repeatedly ranked as one of the best islands in the world, Boracay is known for its white sand, clear water, and magnificent sunset. Come sundown, the beach transforms into a party paradise. With colorful lights, fire breathers and blasting music, it is impossible to not dance. It is known as Asia’s 24/7 party island, which should already provide you with an idea of the party scene that you can expect. During major holidays, such as Labor Day, it hosts some of the best DJs around the world.

Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Known as one of the top party cities in the world, the brilliant Tel Aviv is one place that should be on the top of your bucket list. It has a hedonistic air and chilled ambiance, making it perfect for all kinds of partygoers. Gordon Beach and Hilton Beach are the centers of the party scene. Clara Beach Bar and Mike’s Place are some of the places that you should check out. One thing that makes it an even better place is the fact that it is LGBT friendly.

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