How to style your beachside home

Owning a beachside home like this one is the ambition of many ... but how do you decorate one? ...  photo by CC user Juliancolton on wikimedia

If you are lucky enough to own a beachside home, you’re already halfway to paradise. Doing up a beach house can be a fun exercise, with so many exciting ways to liven up the home From shuttered windows, to reflected seahorse shower curtains and coastal wall trends, there are many ways to freshen up your beachside home. Here are some ideas that you can use to get you started:

Shuttered windows

Shuttering in your beachside home will evoke the spirit of the sea like little else. A home with shuttered windows and doors is a quintessential seaside home. California Shutters offers you customized wooden shutters for all your needs. The shuttering comes in multiple colors – you could go wild with Caribbean Blue shuttered doors and windows.

Wall trends

You can pick up some vintage swimwear at thrift sales or an antique shop, and frame the swimwear. A wall covered with four or five examples of framed, antique swimwear is both a reminder of the sea and a unique conversation piece.

Nautical roping

Adding some nautical roping elements to your beachside home allows your décor to become a seamless part of the seaside experience. You can find nautical rope at a local salvage store, or you can even do a DIY job with some normal rope. It’s a simple and easy way to add some nautical flair into your home.

Signature pieces

If you have large spaces in your beachside home, you can hang items like oars and surfboards from the ceiling or on the walls. These will instantly give your home a seafront feel and are a good conversation starter. If your spaces don’t allow you to hang large artifacts, you can look at getting the same effect by strategically positioning smaller nautical pieces, like a compass or sextant.

Nautical maps

You can find nautical maps just about anywhere these days. You can frame the map and use it as a wall hanging – a cheap, simple and effective way of establishing a connection with the sea outside your door.

Life rings and buoys

These items are easily available at your local salvage store or online. Hanging these items on your deck wall can give your deck a rustic, seaside feel. These casual elements can be used to infuse the seaside feeling into your home.

Cane furniture

Cane furniture and woven hangings like straw hats and woven baskets also give your home a rustic seaside feel. They are a hot and essential accessory this summer, so indulge yourself. This is an idea that brings coastal charm to your living space.

Doing up your beachside home can be a lot of fun

You can let your imagination run wild and come up with many innovative ideas and solutions. The best part is that the project won’t break the bank. If you are willing to spend some time scrounging and researching you will be surprised at the bargains you can find. Good luck with your project!

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