5 Of The Most Extravagant Prizes You’ll Ever See

Winning tickets to a big race like the Monaco Grand Prix are one of the more extravagant prizes one can win!


The Monaco Grand Prix race is incomparable to any other in the world, the glitz and glamour associated with this race together with the worldwide fans and sites create an unparalleled event in the world. All the fun and thrills of Monaco come at a hefty price tag, this is the reason why winning a ticket to this world famous even is a big deal. You can view the race from different extravagant locations such as at the harbor in a luxurious private yacht or on a terrace vantage point.


The FIFA World Cup is an important worldwide event that takes place after every four years. Given the popularity of this event, giving tickets away to it is one of the most extravagant prizes you can offer. The FIFA World Cup 2014 takes place in Brazil and will be a special event where selected football teams from all across the globe will compete for the golden Mondial Cup. Winning a ticket to such an exceptional event is extremely extravagant as even the available tickets for sale are always limited and sold via a lottery system.  A winning ticket to such an event will let you experience the excitement of the stadium, which most people will only witness on their TV screens back at home. For any football enthusiast, being at the world cup 2014 finals in person will be an exceptionally thrilling experience.


Travelling is one hobby that is common amongst most people, I am yet to meet a person who would not enjoy taking vacations and indulging in travelling even if it’s just within the country. Most people would only dream about an around trip of the world largely because it would be an expensive affair. To afford even a one week trip, most people would need to save a lot, what about an around the world trip? If you are keen on travel competitions, you may actually end up winning a fully paid for around the world trip (see www.element-london.com for more details). Picture travelling to the most famed destinations and getting off the beaten track to create memories and add flavor to your trip!


Cash prizes are the most common in any competition; this is because sometimes you are the only one who knows your needs and having extra cash as a prize may help meet some of those needs. You may win money in a lottery, dancing, cooking or even a travel competition. The amount of money that can be won in certain competitions depends on the organizers and sponsors of the competition. Some competitions award extravagant amounts of cash that could change your life forever.


Competitions come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the organizers and the sponsors of such a competition, the prizes of winners may be extravagant properties such as a house, cottage, holiday home or even a villa. Imagine holding the keys to a new home or holiday property that is fully paid for and all you need to do is just move in!

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