3 Driving Jobs To Work Behind The Wheel

Getting to test cars like this Audi definitely ranks among the best driving jobs.


Test driving is one of the most luxurious driving job in the world, you are actually paid to test drive some of the world’s latest and greatest automobiles, from porches to Ferraris and BMWs. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that your nine to five job is to sit on the plush luxurious leather seat of some of the world’s most expensive and sought after exotic rides.

Test driving jobs involve exploring the vehicle from top to bottom and testing its drivability on the manufacturers track and pushing the car to its limits. This kind of job requires a person to have a passion for automobiles, have exceptional driving skills and be able to drive the car to display its best capabilities.

The test driving job is one job that is hard to find, in fact there are no schools that offer such kinds of skills but some degrees in mechanical engineering may greatly improve your chances of qualifying for test driving job.


Becoming a Nascar Driver is a dream to many; it is a job that could lead to great rewards such as fame and fortune. Most NASCAR enthusiasts’ start training their children as early as four years of age by coaching them on how to ride carts at their race tracks.

However it is never too late to build your own reputation in the world of skid marks, burnt fuel and fast cars that is NASCAR. One of the toughest steps is to prove that one is able to drive fast cars, be able to set land speed records and maneuver the cars around the oval racetracks. Having these exceptional skills can help you to quickly rise through the ranks and even attract the attention of great racing car companies.

Becoming a Nascar Driver is hard work, there are no freebies available, and it takes practice and harnessing of natural talent to become the best. It requires one to be physically fit and slim, have sufficient education and be able to represent your sponsors effectively everywhere you go as they play a major role in NASCAR racing.


Becoming a truck driver is not as hard as NASCAR racing or becoming a test driver but it is also a rewarding job in the driving career. Delivery truck driving jobs involve picking up, transporting and dropping off goods in certain geographical areas. It may be a long distance job crossing over from one country to the next or within a city. Some drivers known as light truck drivers may take goods from distribution centers to various delivery locations.

In some delivery jobs a driver may also have to work as a sales representative while delivering goods and even recommending products to consumers.  Drivers require valid driving licenses, knowledge of the delivery routes and are able to communicate effectively with the companies customers. It is ideal for one who loves being behind the wheel and exploring different routes each day.

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