VR: the next online gambling platform

Soon, a VR online gambling platform may make an environment just like this possible

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Virtual Reality or VR used to be a concept of awe mostly encountered in Hollywood movies in the past. In last few years VR has broken grounds and established itself in gaming, mobile applications and computing. The trend has also affected the online gambling experience in an exciting way.

VR in Online Gambling

VR is used to make any game or application immersive. The users are transformed inside the game which makes it more engaging. Generally people do not gamble for money. They crave the rush and emotional and psychological experience of playing at casino tables. VR can replicate the same experience to a person who is just sitting in his home.

VR as the Next Online Gambling Platform

Online gambling has been popular for quite some time. Leading online casinos like Euro Palace offers Euro Palace online slots and many fun and thrilling games. Online gambling generates £3 billion annually in UK alone and VR is expected to make the fortunes rise.

Euro Palace Online Casino and others are always trying to make their games more immersive and engaging. They already offer many incentives like £ 500 on joining with 100 free spins. Players can participate in tournaments and win unbelievable progressive jackpot amounts. The services are always encrypted and secured featuring protocols similar to banking and other financial merchants.

Implementation of VR in Online Gambling

Some online casinos have already showcased their VR experience where the user can play with other players in exciting locations. Imagine yourself playing Euro Palace online slots sitting in Las Vegas. Or you can be dealing cards with some mobsters sitting in an underground smoky room in London during 1920s!

Sounds far-fetched? Not anymore. Using VR headsets such experiences have already been showcased in International Casino Expo (ICE 2016, London) by techies in gaming industry. Microgaming presented its Virtual Roulette Table where users were taken to a futuristic casino through Oculus VR DK2 and Leap Motion hand tracking systems.

Microgaming platform is also used to create Euro Palace online slots and others games in Euro Palace. Their VR casino demonstration attracted quite a crowd and proved an amazing experience for everyone.

Future of VR and Online Gambling

The market is going to witness release of more VR devices like Oculus Rift VR headsets and Samsung Gear VR. Sony is all set to release a Playstation based on the VR technology and things are going to get affordable and within reach.

Online gambling has already integrated VR and soon it is going to change the whole concept of betting through your computer or mobile. Days are not far when people will stop thinking about Las Vegas as the ultimate destination for gambling and fun!

Some Tips That You Would Want to Keep in Mind

With gambling, it is easy to go with flow and spend every coin in your pocket. Even if you are winning, know your limitation. Before you enter into any casino, you must have a figure in your mind as your spending limit. Always consider how much you can afford to lose. The winning amount may be as big as you can imagine but losing money is not a great idea either.

With VR and some responsible gambling, your experience at the casino would just get better, and playing slots games a whole lot more fun.

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