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How to Plan a Family Reunion in Tuscany

A family reunion trip to Tuscany is a great way to catch up with relatives, in a beautiful location, with great weather. Since we’re talking extended relatives here, chances are you’ll be with a group of minimum ten people, if not much more. Here are some tips to plan for a great trip that keeps everyone happy. Rent a Vacation Villa In the case of a family reunion, you’ll definitely want to skip the hotels in favor of a rented vacation home. Luckily Tuscany features countless stunning

Visiting The heart Of The Caucasus: The Best Time To Visit Azerbaijan

When visiting this country, it’s a great thing if the weather is on your side, so it’s recommended that you know the best time to visit Azerbaijan. This former Soviet Republic is known for its historical landmarks. But extreme heat and sometimes rain can ruin your experience in Azerbaijan, so it’s best to check first the climate of your destination before traveling to it. Here’s a quick guide to the country’s climate as well as the best time to visit Azerbaijan: Climate. All year