Five Ways to Save Money in Orange County, California

Checking out the Balboa fun zone is a way to save money in Orange County ... photo by CC user WPPilot on Flickr

As you’re dishing out cash for that cross-country road trip, remember that the West Coast, and especially Orange County, can be an expensive place to vacation. With a little insight, anyone can afford a trip to the OC. Hit the road with the stereo bumping, because these money-saving tips will have you singing!

1. Orange County Art Walks

Art walks are always a welcome destination for anyone traveling on a budget. The mixture of food, music, and art proves a winner no matter where the art walk takes place. However, Orange County has some of the best artists in the nation, representing an array of talent that simply cannot be matched by the majority of art walks. These festival-like gatherings allow artists to gather and sell art, but looking is free! Oftentimes, giveaways ensure that everyone goes home with a piece of artwork.

2. Great Park Balloon Rides

The best view in California doesn’t necessarily require an equally high price tag. The Great Park balloon ride is an affordable attraction that makes for some amazing tourist eye-candy. 25-30 people rise 400 ft. to view the majestic beauty of Orange County. No helicopters or expensive lifts here, just a $10 entry fee to see the best of what the OC has to offer. The balloon is one of the largest of its kind and is truly a rare sight to behold in itself. It’s a true spectacle.

3. Balboa Island Ferry

The Balboa Island ferry has carried folks back and forth from Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula since 1919. Whether you’re walking, biking, or driving, the Balboa Island ferry can help you make the crossover. This spacious ferry is very affordable at only $1 per adult ticket and treats riders to the second-best view in Orange County.

4. Garden Grove

Sometimes there’s no need for an attraction; visitors can find entertainment in simply experiencing the culture of a city. Garden Grove is one such place.  This accessible and affordable destination presents visitors with a progressive city filled with community gatherings and activities that make it not only one of the most fun cities to visit in California, but also one of the most friendly. There’s a reason it’s called the “City of Youth and Ambition.”

5. Dana Wharf

For those looking to go fishing on their vacation, there is no better destination than Dana Wharf. Whale watching, fishing, and free activities for kids make this one of the best family-oriented beaches in the OC. There are free activities every weekend as well special deals during the week, which run seasonally. This is the premier fishing destination in Orange County.

California Here We Come

Orange County is a legend. Just look to the countless books and movies that portray life in the OC for evidence, they’re in abundance. Although California can be an expensive state to travel to, the good vibes and beautiful weather make it an attractive destination regardless, and with a little help, you can spare your wallet as well.

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