Fly Far, Far Away with Turkish Airlines…To Gotham City!

Turkish Airlines has always been a trend-setting airline, and now they have created a very cool partnership. This time, they have linked up with the new Batman vs Superman movie and are now offering direct flights More »

Get a big discount on your next hair cut with Groupon

Every woman needs to treat themselves once in a while, and the easiest way to do that is to pay a quick visit to your local salon and get a new hair More »

5 Of The Most Extravagant Prizes You’ll Ever See

MONACO GRAND PRIX TICKETS The Monaco Grand Prix race is incomparable to any other in the world, the glitz and glamour associated with this race together with the worldwide fans and sites More »

countryside in Honduras

Things To Do In Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

Being the capital city of Honduras, there are supposed to be plenty of top things to do in Tegucigalpa. What the tourist authorities would recommend is to visit many of the premier More »


Upcoming events in Carrousel du Louvre

Carrousel du Louvre is one of the largest shopping centers in the United State of America. It features fashion, home design, gifts, jewellery, gifts, home decoration specialist boutiques and books. There are various shopping complex, food court, grocery stores, high-end stores, cosmetic stores, cinemas and restaurants. Make Up in Paris 09-10 June 2016 Image Credit : This is a two day even that will take place in Paris in France. The event will bring together

How to stay fit in your golden years

If you want to live a long and plentiful life, you'll need to stay healthy well into your golden years. And the key to doing so is to avoid being overweight, not over-eating, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. You can look at the Age UK Mobility site for more ideas on how to stay healthy, but there's no substitute for regular exercise and a good diet! Most experts agree that the kind of lifestyle you lead is critical to maintaining your physical, cognitive and psychological

How to Discover The Best Things to Do in Tokyo

Planning a trip to Tokyo can be a pretty overwhelming task to do. How do you decide where to stay in a city so big? How do you get around if you don't speak the language? etc. Tokyo has so many things to see and do for every interest that sometimes it's hard to find where to even look. Luckily, there is a pretty cool new series called Tokyo Extra that showcases lots of awesome things to do in Tokyo in fun, short videos. Here's one below so you can check it out!

How to Plan a Summer Roadtrip!

The classic “road trip” was once seen as an American institution, but these days people all over the world are unable to resist the lure of piling into the car and setting off into the sunset. But before you get behind the wheel, be sure to make some basic preparations ahead of your trip. Set your Itinerary The first thing you should do is plan where you're going, how you're going to get there, and how much time it will take. Instead of plotting the fastest route from A to B, plot a route

Fly Far, Far Away with Turkish Airlines…To Gotham City!

Turkish Airlines has always been a trend-setting airline, and now they have created a very cool partnership. This time, they have linked up with the new Batman vs Superman movie and are now offering direct flights to both Gotham City and Metropolis! Well, those locations might be fictional but it's still fun to dream right?. It's a very interesting PR campaign to help promote the new movie which is out this year. Here is the description of Metropolis on the Turkish Airlines website, "Metropolis

Choosing the perfect holiday destination

Whilst the weather outside is grey and cold, nothing beats getting over the winter blues like booking a summer holiday. Whether it’s longing for warmer shores, or just somewhere crisp and white, a breakaway might just be the ticket to brightening your mood. But deciding on where to go can be tricky. Luckily My Voucher Codes have designed a great little app to help you find your perfect holiday destination. My Perfect Holiday lets you choose whether you want to visit somewhere, hot, warm or cold,

Puerto Rico: The All-Star Island!

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is true tropical paradise. This manageable, medium sized-island is actually part of the United States, so US citizens don't even need a passport to visit, they can just book a ticket and boom! There in a few hours plane ride from the east coast. Puerto Rico was one of the first places Christopher Columbus visited on his journey to the new world in 1493. It was originally inhabited by the Taino people who eventually mixed with the Spanish

Discover Australia’s Rarest Flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens

No time to go on a full-blow wildflower tour while you're in Melbourne? Skip the national park circuit and make a beeline for the Royal Botanic Gardens, where 29 diverse collections of native and exotic plant species can be found just steps from the CBD. Whether you want to glimpse the rare and endangered flora of the state's five key regions or wander through a forest of Australia’s famous gum trees, this inner-city oasis has you covered. Follow our traveler's guide to Melbourne’s Royal

KLM Produces Cool Unboxing Video for New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

One of the world's most popular airlines, KLM, has just "unboxed" its very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the world to see how truly awe-inspiring this aircraft really is. “Unboxing” videos are very popular these days, especially on Youtube. They are produced by people or companies to showcase new tech gadgets, so why not unveil the coolest tech gadget ever in the exact same way? The 787’s real-life crew are the ones unpacking the plane. The pilots are seen entering the futuristic new

Save big on your next trip, don’t miss Groupon Coupons!

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