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Met Gala 2017’s Outfits

This year Met Gala was held on Monday 1st of May, and the event honoured Rei Kawakubo who is well known for her unique designs. The theme of the event was “Comme des Garçons”, which is also a collection created by the famous Rei Kawakubo. All attendees were expected to honour the artistry designs of Rei Kawakubo, however. . . They did not understand the dress code! Kendall Jenner was completely off the theme! The young star opted for a La Perla dress, which looked more like lingerie.

VR: the next online gambling platform

Photo by CC user lauri_vain on Flickr Virtual Reality or VR used to be a concept of awe mostly encountered in Hollywood movies in the past. In last few years VR has broken grounds and established itself in gaming, mobile applications and computing. The trend has also affected the online gambling experience in an exciting way. VR in Online Gambling VR is used to make any game or application immersive. The users are transformed inside the game which makes it more engaging. Generally people do