Enjoying The Many Top Tourist Attractions In Quepos

The top tourist attractions in Quepos generally involve the beautiful coast, both in terms of sightseeing and activities...

Being a settlement distinguished for its top-notch fishing activity in Costa Rica, the top tourist attractions in Quepos start to gain popularity not just as a fishing hub but also as a travel destination among many tourists. Quepos is now renowned as an entrance to several unspoilt beaches and exciting outdoor excursions not to mention the convenient access to numerous bars, restaurants and dynamic open air markets.

Consider Isla Damas as your first stop in one of the top tourist attractions in Quepos. Isla Damas offers 3 kinds of mangrove forests linked by a multitude of strangled and concealed watercourses. Tourists who are on this highly-suggested excursion are usually rewarded with the sightseer appeal of white faced monkeys, sloths, huge anteaters, unusual bird genus, racoons, alligators and a whole lot more of fauna.

An enclosed motorboat will allow you to experience a breezy trip through the winding and twisted tunnels of crowded mangroves. With every twist, you get to a more in-depth journey of the mystifying and interesting sceneries where every setting appears to resemble a matchless ambience. Your trip to Isla Damas comprises of a transport back and forth from Quepos coupled with a delectable lunch meal served in one of the restaurants situated at Isla Damas.

After an exciting tour to Isla Damas, don’t forget to include Manuel Antonio National Park in your travel itinerary. The park is deemed to be another inclusion to the top tourist attractions in Quepos owing to having one of the most remarkable nature sanctuaries worldwide. Find out about the background of Manuel Antonio who is a famous bilingual environmentalist on a compelling and educational strolling tour.

Following the tour and the lunch, you can already have a quality solitary time with yourself to allow you to fully take in the astounding beauty of nature. Indeed, Manuel Antonio National Park is regarded as a treasure in the country endowed with a flourishing mantle of green landscapes widespread on the extensive stunning forest-outlined beaches which are home to various diverse wildlife species.

If you want a more adventurous and memorable experience by the sea then Dolphin-gazing and Snorkelling is a must for you. All you have to do is pack up your favourite swimwear and snorkelling gear for this exciting and at the same time calming journey with the ocean.

The experience is truly informative and wonderful at the same time as you embrace the tepid waters of the beach and find your way around the islands to the subterranean waters which hosts the enthralling species of whales, dolphins, sea turtles and many more overwhelming marine species. After a quite tiring swim, luscious refreshments and nibbles are offered aboard the boat

Other excursions offered belonging to the top tourist attractions in Quepos which you might also be interested in include the Horseback Waterfall Tour, White Water Rafting on the Rio Naranjo or Mangrove Paddling and Fishing.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m still upset that we didn’t make to this part of Costa Rica when we were there (next time – for sure!). It looks so beautiful and so many awesome things to do!

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