Do you burn more calories while running rather than walking?

walking on beach

walking on beach


Believe it or not, in a perfect system with no outside factors like friction or wind resistance, you would burn the same amount of calories if you ran or walked a mile. Think back to your good ole’ high school physics days when you learned the simple equations that supposedly govern our universe: Work = Force x Distance.

The number of calories burned depends primarily on you weight and the distance traveled. In other words, work is the total energy required to move a particular weight (you) a given distance.

However, when outside forces like air resistance are considered, runners do burn slightly more calories.

Of course running a mile is going to be more beneficial for your overall wellness than walking in other aspects.

While jogging or running, you are positively stressing your cardiovascular system, bolstering its efficiency at delivering oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles.

Running also elevates your metabolic rate dramatically. This raise in metabolic activity will last for hours and your body will continue to burn calories during this time until you eventually come back down to a resting metabolic rate.

Keep in mind though, if you can’t run because of knee or joint problems, you can still get just as lean by walking!

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